Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lest We Forget

We attended the ANZAC day march and service in Warragul and were grateful for blue skies before the rain set in. It is always wonderful to see how much the crowd numbers have increased compared to last year, particularly the number of children who attend.

My children were in full Cub Scout uniform and felt so proud marching with our brave soldiers and their descendants, alongside other community service organisations and schools.

As usual I had a tear in my eye, thinking of all that was sacrificed for us to live in peace.

After the service we went to the local RSL where my children volunteered to help. It makes me so proud to think they arranged to do this themselves, without any reward other than to know they were helping out. They had a lovely morning chatting with the oldies, clearing away dishes and stacking chairs.

Thank-you to all of our past and current Service Men and Women - your determination and sacrifices are gratefully acknowledged today and everyday.

If my children can already understand the ANZAC spirit I believe that this very important day in our history is in safe hands... and yes, We WILL Remember

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  1. You must be so proud of the kids!
    Ethan and James went to the dawn service as the school has been doing loads of ANZAC things with them.


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