Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Reflection

I decided to try something new in 2012 and give myself a focus word (think Ali Edwards and her one little word) - I chose FAITH, in the sense both of a trust and confidence in myself and my religious beliefs. So I embraced 2012 with a new found faith. 
I returned to my local church parish and asked for help in my journey towards renewing my faith. Not only did I find the RCIA program (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) but I was welcomed by so many kind parishoners and other curious people on the same journey as me. We have a long way to go as we travel toward Lent and our sacraments, but we are on this path together and we are making steadfast progress.

Like so many mums, mothers and carers I have struggled with trying hard to do it all. I know now after trying unsucessfully to be everything to everyone that I need help. I have relinquished some of my obsessive/control mamma behaviour and accepted the love, help and support that my husband always had offered. I'll admit it was hard, but I have put more faith in Scott than I have before. No, he doesn't hang the washing out like I do - but it still gets dry. Maybe the childrens' lunchboxes are not quite as balanced as I would make - but the kids don't go hungry. And Yes, I sometimes I still struggle with the new dynamics of our household - but I'm dealing with it and love my husband all the more for what he does for us.

I have also put my faith in my skills. As much as I love to scrapbook for myself, I so desperately wanted to put my work on the line and try to get onto a design team. This is such a giant leap of faith for me, submitting my work -which is oh so personal- to criticism and scrutiny. So I applied, and was rejected, and rejected again, and still I applied. Success! Finally a scrap team that wanted me on board. Funnily enough, with my focus on Faith, the blog that offered me a design team position was Scrapping Everyday Miracles.
Is that just luck or divine intervention? I do wonder.

Sure, there are many other aspects of my life where I could renew my faith. The list is limitless to be honest, but I am working on it. At least I know that what I set out to achieve this year I have put my all into and made some progress. Where will 2013 take me? I haven't decided on my focus yet, but have some ideas floating around in my head.

Have a wonderful evening ringing in the New Year.
May 2013 bring you all health, happiness and prosperity.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SEM December Sketch Challenge


I took some photos at the beach in September, we just stopped for a while after visiting family who live nearby. The kids had so much fun collecting shells and skimming the flat ones out into the bay. They found a jelly-fish, chased sea gulls and had a lovely time, although it was too cold to even dip a toe in the water!

I decided to scrap this photo in particular because it captures the relationship that my kids are sharing right now. They are still children but rapidly becoming more independent of me and their Dad, and turning to each other for company, comfort and support. It is a beautiful transition to watch, and I don't feel sad that my babies are growing up - instead I feel blessed. They have each other, and I think even they are beginning to realise this now. They have each other.

Sherri set the sketch challenge at Scrapping Everyday Miracles this month, and as always I took the sketch that we had to work from and changed it... turning it 90 degrees clockwise. I didn't find three photos I wanted to use so instead printed a pic in a larger size and sliced it into three. On my canvas I used lots of distressing, ink and glimmermist to get my background just the way I like it and then I added lots of paper layers, flowers, hessian, ribbon, shells... pretty much whatever I could find. These are actually some of the shells that we found at the beach on this day, neat huh?

Now it wouldn't be an SEM challenge without a twist * use a punch* I have used a border punch along my paper layers.

I can't wait to see what you create! Don't forget to link up @ the post for your chance to win!

Thanks for looking x

Friday, December 7, 2012

December WW1

The search for the perfect tree

1. Gather friends
2. Start the search
3. Find the tree
4. Take it home

This has become a new tradition for our families, spending an afternoon at the Christmas tree farm carefully looking for that perfect tree. It can't be too big or too small, can't have a crooked trunk or any gaps in the foliage. I am almost certain that we could choose a tree within 5 minutes of arriving, but where would the fun be in that?  Our afternoon adventure normally leads to a bbq feast, lots of chatter and laughter among friends, and a very, very late night!

White with 1 set the challenge-

Thanks for looking and a Ho Ho Ho to you!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Let's get Shabby #41


I have taken my inspiration from Let's get Shabby challenge #6 - AShabby Christmas.

To me shabby is an antique style frame, worn paper edges and old music paper all tied together with ribbons and bows. A shabby Christmas is a photograph with Santa, some delicate holly and the truly beautiful sentiment 'Believe'.

Believe in what? The goodness and magic of the season, the jolly beared man in the red suit and the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. Wherever your beliefs lie embrace this silly season; wear a smile for friends and strangers alike; sing Christmas carols even if you are out of tune; remember the gift is in the giving and count your blessings.

Thanks for looking x

Sophies Corner December challenge @ SUYS

Christmas Gifts - by Connor

Connors wish list reads:
Nerf (guns and bullets)
Lego City
James Bond for the Wii
slip on shoes and
a flat cap

And the handmade element he has included is the little fabric flags.

Thanks for looking and a very Merry Christmas to all x

December in Sophies Corner @ SUYS

Wish List - by Savannah

This month Sophie set the challenge to scrap your Christmas wish list.

 Savannah's wish list reads:
sewing machine and material,
Scooby van,
Smiggle gift card,
some Trashies,
a souvenir from Italy and
a skipping rope

In true SUYS style the included a handmade element is Savannahs handcut and decorated Christmas tree.

Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas x

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SEM Decmember Challenge #23...


Psalm 32:11 Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous;
sing, all you who are upright in heart!

Tracey set the challenge this month - scrap where you find joy in this holiday season.

These smiling little faces are pure joy to me!

The joys that Christmas brings my family are simple. We celebrate our beliefs at Mass, we bake delicious treats to share with neighbours, we scour for the perfect Christmas tree with friends, we feast heartily with family and give gifts to those we love. All the while, we try hard to remind our children just how lucky they are, and always remember to wrap some gifts for those families not as fortunate as ours and keep them in our prayers.

As always there is a twist - include glimmer and/or sparkle on your layout.  I have lavishly layered my snowflakes in fine silver glitter and incidentally worn a lot of it myself! I am loving the Mint Twist papers by Kaisercraft - they are fun and funky albeit a little bit too wintry for us in the land down under.
Wishing a Merry Christmas to you all x
Comments greatly appreciated!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Use it Tuesday... Ink it up!


Use it Tuesday dared me and I took that dare, and will come back for a double dare! Challenge #44 was to take that un-inked stamp that you have been holding onto and, wait for it, USE IT! I purchased this little twig christmas tree about 3 years ago, thinking it would be perfect for making my own cards (which I have never done) and so it has remained untouched, unloved, even unseen ever since.

Now like all good challenges there is a catch and Use it Tuesday not only promote the use of your stashed and hoarded supplies, they insist. So, apart from my very old twig stamp I have used some sequins and glitter that I purchased back when I required all the bling I could find. Like many scrappers I never used it and I actually located these in the kids 'useful' box. I stitched my cardstock into any acrylic sheet and added the bling like a shaker card.

Some years ago I read about Elizabeth Kartchner making a little folder to keep all of her received Christmas cards together in. This is my third year of making this keepsake, and already I love that I have a record of my children's classmates and notes from old and new friends alike. At the end of the Christmas season I take all of our cards and bind them into the little folder - I have used binder rings and twine before, this year calls for ribbon - and then I have a compact little treasure to bring out next Christmas and reminisce.

Thanks for looking x