Monday, March 23, 2015

Follow your path

I am using a Kikki K A5 lined notebook for my anit-scrapbook - somewhat fortuitously the book is titled Follow your Path, which made me very happy! 

Some of my pages so far...

Inside cover - 2015 Journal...Write...List

To Taylor Swift "Shake it Off" - guilty
To Ed Sheeran "X" - a christmas gift from the kids
To Hilltop Hoods "Cosby Sweater" - something about it reminds me of the past, its familiar

For my son's 13th Birthday I asked him to complete the Birthday Interview. His answers are honest, some took a lot of thought and others just made us laugh out loud! 

Who is your favorite person in the whole world?
 Mum, Dad and Grant Birchall (AFL football player for Hawthorn, no.14)

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Footy player/ Basketball player/ electrical engineer

What do you hope you'll get to do before your next birthday? 


 I've learnt that if I'm going to get mushy I need to keep it private. I'm regularly advised that I'm a bit cheesy and show way too many PDA's for his liking - so I wrote a little love note and made sure it was behind the photo out of public view!

I'm going to try hard not to buy any new supplies this year. I may have to make one exception...washi tape! I'm finding that its a go-to for just about every page I finish, but to date I have made no purchases. My stash of bits and pieces is hardy diminishing since the smaller page size needs less goodies. Maybe I can go 2 years without hitting the stores? In truth, I have enough to last a lifetime, but don't tell my husband!

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Time is short, we all know that. Fitting everything into my day doesn't leave a lot of time for creative pursuits.That's why this year I've started a journal/list/grateful book, in the style of smash books. I can quickly put a page together with whatever I have on hand, in quicker time and without the usual paper shuffling or pursuit of perfection. 

I call it anti-scrapbooking. Just stuff that's important to me and my family. Milestones, lists, thoughts, odd pictures and photos, bullet points, letters, notes, bits and pieces from the junk drawer - our life.

Here's the latest: 
Be Brave and Shave

It reads:You have an inner beauty, a generous heart and are always thinking of others. Taking up the challenge to color your hair was brave, raising funds for charity was challenging and watching you do it all is inspiring! 
Photo 11/3/2015
Journal 23/3/2015

My plan is to complete 52 spreads during the year. This feat would be impossible for me if creating 12x12" layouts - I know, I've tried before - but is perfectly achievable in this format. 

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