Monday, March 23, 2015


Time is short, we all know that. Fitting everything into my day doesn't leave a lot of time for creative pursuits.That's why this year I've started a journal/list/grateful book, in the style of smash books. I can quickly put a page together with whatever I have on hand, in quicker time and without the usual paper shuffling or pursuit of perfection. 

I call it anti-scrapbooking. Just stuff that's important to me and my family. Milestones, lists, thoughts, odd pictures and photos, bullet points, letters, notes, bits and pieces from the junk drawer - our life.

Here's the latest: 
Be Brave and Shave

It reads:You have an inner beauty, a generous heart and are always thinking of others. Taking up the challenge to color your hair was brave, raising funds for charity was challenging and watching you do it all is inspiring! 
Photo 11/3/2015
Journal 23/3/2015

My plan is to complete 52 spreads during the year. This feat would be impossible for me if creating 12x12" layouts - I know, I've tried before - but is perfectly achievable in this format. 

Thanks for looking xx

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