Monday, December 3, 2012

Use it Tuesday... Ink it up!


Use it Tuesday dared me and I took that dare, and will come back for a double dare! Challenge #44 was to take that un-inked stamp that you have been holding onto and, wait for it, USE IT! I purchased this little twig christmas tree about 3 years ago, thinking it would be perfect for making my own cards (which I have never done) and so it has remained untouched, unloved, even unseen ever since.

Now like all good challenges there is a catch and Use it Tuesday not only promote the use of your stashed and hoarded supplies, they insist. So, apart from my very old twig stamp I have used some sequins and glitter that I purchased back when I required all the bling I could find. Like many scrappers I never used it and I actually located these in the kids 'useful' box. I stitched my cardstock into any acrylic sheet and added the bling like a shaker card.

Some years ago I read about Elizabeth Kartchner making a little folder to keep all of her received Christmas cards together in. This is my third year of making this keepsake, and already I love that I have a record of my children's classmates and notes from old and new friends alike. At the end of the Christmas season I take all of our cards and bind them into the little folder - I have used binder rings and twine before, this year calls for ribbon - and then I have a compact little treasure to bring out next Christmas and reminisce.

Thanks for looking x


  1. What a cute card! Thanks for digging into your stash (and your kids' bins) and playing along with UIT!

  2. I just discovered Use It Tuesday, and love their mission. Fab card Felicity!

  3. Oh Felicity, I'm so glad to see you at UIT! Your project is fantastic and I love that you really followed what UIT represents...thanks for playing along!


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