Saturday, June 30, 2012

Challenge Me Happy

Challenge Me Happy is celebrating with their one year anniversary HOOPLA!
If you haven't yet checked out this great challenge site you need to!
This month they are running a challenge extravaganza and there are 7 - yes, seven - amazing different challenges to try.


I have taken inpiration from Lisa's Advertisement challenge for this layout.

Okay - honestly, I know the end result doesn't look much like it at all, but I have included a lot of photos, tilted my favourite pic and included a word cloud where the text was. Try customising your own at Wordle.

My son was lucky enough to attend Cuboree last September.This is a huge Cub camp that occurs only once in three years, with kids coming from all over the Victoria to tent, play and learn together.

As a parent I think they time it wrongly - it is cold, wet and windy in Victoria at this time of year. From a kids' perspective its perfect: mud, mud and more mud.


  1. I am completely in love with your 2 pager!! Really awesome take on the ad challenge!! Thanks for joining us for our birthday Hoopla!! Good luck!!

  2. That Wordle is so cool, will have to try that. I think it is just fine that you varied from the ad, it is all about inspiration and I love your end result! So glad you could join us for the celebration!


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