Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SEM challenge #22


 Cara set this main challenge
 FAMILY TIES...meaning I want you to create a project about your family
*Scrap Twist: To go along with the "tie" theme...and in honor of me being a horrible ribbon-hoarder, I am asking you to use some ribbon on your project.
I'll see you your ribbon Cara, and raise you some ric-rac! I loved this BoBunny paper the moment I saw it, and it was perfect for a layout showcasing photos from the 1970's - the colours are exactly what I was looking for and the busy pattern is a real sign of the times.
Having only recently rediscovered a photo album from my childhood, I was struck by what I remembered about each photo as I shared the stories with my husband and children. I remember Mum always knitting or sewing, creating for us the most fashionable outfits (for the time!) and being extraordinarily thrifty as she went about it. I recall dresses being made from old curtains, a dressing gown created from a bedspread and our jumpers being unravelled when they no longer fit us, only to be revamped into something new. What a clever woman! It took Mum 30 years to teach me to knit a square, and my sewing will never be up to her standard - with beautiful smocking and embroidery that would send most people blind, but I have learnt her skills to some degree, and am teaching my own children the same skills.

Now when I look back at these pictures I don't see the same home made clothes that I saw as a child, I see a labour of love. The garments you created were beautiful, but the lesson you taught me is priceless - be grateful for what you have and always make the most of it.

Thanks Mum, today you are the subject of my Everyday Miracle, but know that in my heart you are my Miracle every single day!

Thanks for looking xx

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  1. I love how you share these stories about your family, I find it so meaningful! Nice layout too, with cool ribbon.


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